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We’ve handled thousands of transportation injury claims, so we’re ready to answer your questions! We can tell you what your case is worth and what to expect.


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Fast Response

Our organization has a rapid response team which includes investigators, attorneys, mechanics, professional photographers, and accident reconstructionist who can deploy anywhere in the country within hours. This ensures evidence on your case is preserved.


We know how to properly value your case so you aren’t low balled by the insurance company. Our team has handled thousands of transportation injury claims.


We’ve got the experience to litigate your case in court if necessary. Our lead attorney has over 20 years of experience and has recovered over 100 million.


We have the right resources to handle your case. Our organization has access to hundreds of experts who will strengthen your case. We work with doctors, mechanics, engineers, accident reconstructionists, economists, life care planners, and more.

More Reasons to Hire Us

  • We know what the insurance company will try to do
  • We will formulate a unique strategy to fit your case and your goals
  • We can help coordinate your medical treatment
  • We can help secure temporary loans while you recover from your injuries
  • We can help reduce your medical bills
  • You will have a dedicated contact at our firm
  • We’ll give you a free insurance coverage review
  • We will help get your bike repaired or replaced
  • We know how to present your claim to the insurance company
  • We can assist with any complicated legal paperwork

We Win Motorcycle Cases

Settlements & Verdicts

Settlements & Verdicts

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What Our Clients Say

  • Joseph K.
    I got into a fairly minor accident, but was worried as I had had multiple concussions and the insurance company was offering very little money. It was the other driver's fault and the medical bills were substantial. Mr. Kryder handled everything, responded quickly and professionally, and negotiated a much better offer than I expected. I did call about three other attorneys before settling on using Andrew. I found him to be the most transparent about money, the most professional, and the most responsive. Many of the others just had assistants take down endless information and wouldn't get on the phone themselves. With Andrew, I recall someone taking down some basic screening information (but not excessive) and then got a call back from an actual attorney in a few hours who explained the process to me and never made me feel pressured. If you've been in an accident, I think you'll get a better settlement and have a better experience with Mr. Kryder than other attorneys.
    Joseph K.
  • James V.
    I called in the last hour of work for the day and Andy personally picked up and walked me thru my whole situation. I was completely lost and he was able to explain the process and did it all out of kindness. Very professional. Intelligent and competent. He restored my faith in humanity. Thank you Andy for the help.
    James V.
  • Don W.
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ very professional and communicative. Explained everything to simplicity and kept me updated on my case. Very happy with the outcome. Thanks
    Don W.
  • Mary L.
    Very professional. They take time to go over your case, give you clear understanding about what is going on. This was our second time using the law group. My husband and I are very satisfied with our outcome! Great job, thank you!
    Mary L.
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Injured in a motorcycle crash?

Since the 1920s, the popularity of motorcycles has dramatically increased along with the number of motorcycles on the road. There are over 8.3 million motorcycles registered across the country and Illinois has over 300,000 registered motorcycles.

Each year in Illinois, motorcycle fatalities make up almost a quarter of the deaths caused by motor vehicle crashes.  This staggering statistic emphasizes the dangers that motorcyclists face every time they get out on the road. This is why advocate groups for the motorcycling community focus on safety and accident prevention.

Contact us today to discuss your case with an experienced midwest motorcycle accident attorney. We will handle your case on a contingency fee, which means there are no fees for you unless money is recovered in a settlement.  We also advance the costs associated with litigation.  This means we will not ask for upfront costs from you to pursue your motorcycle injury case.

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